Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chocolate; how to make your own HEALTHIER version.

Ahh chocolate; who doesn't love it?
The retailers make a killing off of it & even more so during the holidays!
When I started my gluten free journey I discovered I could no longer have the candy bars they sell at the convenience store, which made me a little sad.
Fortunately I found safe allergen free chocolate at my health food store but the cost of them is 3 times as much as what you pay for the synthetic version. However it is way better for you so instead of having a candy bar every other day like I used to, I am now limited to having a healthy chocolate bar once a month!
But there is a way you can treat yourself a little more than that; this past Christmas I made some home made chocolate with a recipe that I found online which I am all to happy to share!

Home Made Chocolate:
1/2 cup coconut oil (melted)
1/2 cup raw coca powder
1/2 cup coca butter (melted)

I find the best way to melt the coconut oil & the coca butter is in a thin glass bowl or cup in a pan of freshly boiled water, DO NOT MICROWAVE!
Microwaving takes the antioxidents out of the oils!
Once you have melted the coconut oil & cocoa butter, combine it with the coca powder & pour it into  your favourite mould.
If you like peanut butter cups just get a mini cup cake pan with some chemical free muffin cups pour 1/4 of the chocolate into the cups, let cool in the fridge for an hour then add a spoonful of natural peanut butter to each cup then pour the rest of the chocolate over the peanut butter, return it to the fridge for another hour and you're ready to enjoy your own peanut butter cups ❤.

I have many other suggestions to make your own chocolates which I will post in future blogs after I have tested them myself 😊

Till next blog; Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

ENZYMES; Your Stomachs Best Friend

When I started my nutritional overhaul almost 2 years ago I thought my digestive problems were solved.
HA! Boy was I wrong.
When it sounded like there was a hump backed whale doing a mating call in my stomach every time I ate followed by horrible gas pains I knew something was up.
SO I did the research.
I never really gave much thought to enzymes; as far as I knew about them cows have them in both of their stomachs to digest the different grasses they ate.
As far as us two legged mammals go, we're not as lucky. Ironically at the same time I started suffering I got my daily newsletter from
and the subject turned out to be about enzymes and why they are important for your digestive health. I watched the video and learned quite a bit.
We only have a certain amount of enzymes for the first 30 years of our lives, then we run out, which in turn causes all kinds of lovely problems like acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, & malnutrition!
So off to the health food store I went and quizzed one of the helpful sales clerks
and asked what she recommended and settled on this;
(* I am not an affiliate of the above mentioned supplement)

Within the first day my horrible symptoms started to go away and the mating calls from within my stomach stopped!

How many are too many? I myself typically take one with the two largest meals I have which is breakfast & dinner.
What I have found since taking them is reduced appetite, (I always felt hungry before) and my cravings for sugar have all but gone away! 
However, if your symptoms don't go away within 2 weeks of taking them do see your doctor and get a referral to see a nutritionist. DO NOT take if you're diabetic, pregnant, nursing or have a colostomy bag. As always, read the label before trying any new supplement!

Till next blog!

Friday, January 13, 2017

How Going Gluten Free Affects Your Mental Health (and how to deal with it)

Before I start this lengthy essay on the evils of gluten & processed food, let me state that I am not a nutritionist (although I'd like to be in that field one day), I am not a doctor in any sense of the word or profession. What I am is someone who has experienced both the up and downside of going gluten free and there really are two sides.

When I first discovered that gluten was not my friend & I kicked it to the curb I was not prepared for the withdrawal from the sugar and yes even the gluten itself; I went through the mood swings, depression, crazy sugar cravings, stress and even my thyroid was going crazy until I learned how to balance my food properly to keep it from blowing up!

But the thing I feel was the hardest to cope with was the social aspect of gluten, (yes, there is one)!
Now that I no longer work in a coffee shop I can state my opinion on them!

You go to any coffee shop, what are you going to find?

People going to meet and drink coffee, then there are all those tempting little 400 calorie treats that have no nutritional value whatsoever!

Now the reason why I'm bringing up the coffee shop is because I would watch these people consume these products & over the course of a few months, look fatter and sicker!

Gluten is interwoven into our society so much that people are blinded by the glaze on the doughnuts!
But, when you try to tell them how bad it is for their overall health they just laugh and say "we're all going to die anyway so what's the point?

I don't know about you but I want to go out with a BANG not an exhausted whimper!

This is how I learned to cope with the mental stress of going gluten free, believe it or not. I watched the regular customers get even more unhealthy as the months went by, and as they deteriorated, I realized that I was actually going in the opposite direction, where once my hair was dry and brittle, it's now baby soft; the same goes for my skin, it's soft and smooth no more dry spots or rashes or pimples!😂
I also like to pay attention to what people put in their cart at the grocery store; you can always tell the healthy people from the unhealthy by doing this, the unhealthy ones are the ones that have the convenience foods with little to no fresh fruits, veggies or unprepared meat in their carts, they look, tired, drained even as they push their carts around looking at stuff they don't really need.
I really have to resist the urge to smack these people and tell them to wake up and stop poisoning themselves!

Then there are the healthy ones, they zoom all over the fresh produce section, never go into the processed food aisles, carrying a basket, not pushing a cart, they smell great, they look great and you can tell they are healthy by their glowing skin. Not only that, they are in and out of the grocery store in less than 30 minutes!
Basically what I'm saying is this; if you start to feel like giving up gluten is all for nothing, there are ways that you can look at society and remind yourself just why it is that you started feeling better after saying goodbye to gluten. There is also support either on or offline, if there is someone you know that recently went gluten free don't be afraid to talk to them about their experience!

Go to a coffee shop in the early evening, get yourself a coffee (not a flavored one it has gluten in it) sit in an area where you can see the whole shop, notice the difference between the patrons eating the baked goods and the ones that don't. Personally I have this pizza place that I like to go to, I'll sit down with my coffee and take a deep breath, it's like aromatherapy for me, I know I can't eat it any more but smelling it won't hurt me and I still have the fond memories of all the lasagne that I made over the years and I'm content with that.

Realize that the big food companies want you to eat this garbage for more than just one reason, not only do they make money, but your doctor makes money, the pharmaceutical companies make money, the government makes a killing ( although they won't admit it) they are all profiting from you eating the manufactured garbage that they load with sugar, salt, spices and yes, even chemicals to make it pleasing to your palate! Yet when you eat it, it makes you sick, so off you go to the doctor because you can't understand why you have no energy & you always have the runs, he in turn gives you a useless prescription for anti diarrhea meds which you take to the pharmacy to get filled and while your there get a few other over the counter meds because your kids have abdominal cramps every time subs are sold at school! Think of the government as the silent hypocrite, they tell you to eat healthy but realistically they don't care because if they did there would not be any fast food or coffee chains around!
Notice how many women are losing their hair? I do, I know it sounds weird but it's only because I was experiencing hair loss when I was eating gluten, since I stopped, my hair grew back (thank the gods) so that is another thing you can pay attention to on your next observation when you have to go out. 

I could go on all day but I will save it for my next blog which is now going to be back on it's regular schedule of once a week!

Till next blog! Keep fighting the good fight!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sugar & Rainbows

You're sitting on the couch watching television (maybe) or you're on your phone or computer browsing through social media, the one thing that still pops up the most is weight loss ads!
The media makes the most money off of this because most of us are obsessed with our looks ( those who aren't are blessed in my opinion)
I have been on both sides of the fence, I was overweight all my childhood, most of my teens & half of my adult life & it took a food intolerance for me to lose the excess weight I had wanted so desperately to lose.
I will admit that while I was overweight I seriously resented anyone who was skinny. I had many of the assumptions that a lot of people have like "oh they're anorexic" or they have a drug problem.
Never once did food allergies or Celiac Disease cross my mind.

Now that I am skinnier & on the other side of the fence I realize just how prejudice I was.

Being thin is not all sugar & rainbows, it's not glamorous like they make it appear on television or social media!
In fact it's a pain in the ass!

For me personally anyway, I mean don't get me wrong I love wearing a bikini but at the same time I can't enjoy eating the same types of foods that other people do because of the main ingredients ( wheat & soy).
I very rarely eat at a restaurant because it has to be allergen free if I do.
I have to read through all the ingredients thoroughly if I want to try something new & make sure that I won't get sick from it.
I also have to work out regularly because quite frankly; being skinny & not looking fit is very unattractive!
So for those of you out there that make assumptions out there about other people, do your research first. I have learned the hard way that it's not all sugar & rainbows. The media is just one big money hungry machine that makes people think the worst about each other!
Size doesn't matter, your health does!

Till next blog!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Big & Proud

Have you ever come across those sayings on social media from women that are proud of their weight gain & mock those who are proud of their weight loss?

I have & quite frankly it makes me mad!

When you gain an unhealthy amount of weight you are not only destroying your body, but your mind as well.
When you say to yourself " to hell with it" and accept the fact that you're large & that's the way it was meant to be you are putting your body at risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, lupus & a whole host of other diseases that can be prevented just by eating healthy food!

"But I can't afford to eat healthy" you whine as you chow down on a $3.99 bag of cookies!
That $3.99 could have been better spent on a bag of frozen vegetables that could have been combined with that chicken breast you keep forgetting about in your freezer behind the ice cream!

But it's not your fault.

The food industry has you brainwashed into believing that their sacks have nutritional value so it's okay to consume them in large quantities, so then you do so not realizing that when you hit the grocery store most of your budget is blown on snack food & the healthiest thing you bring home are a dozen eggs & that case of water that just happened to be on sale!


Google a picture of a typical family in the 1950's & compare it to a typical family in this generation!

You are not meant to be overweight & it's not okay!

This has nothing to do with society, or the Fashion Industry or even the weight loss industry but it does have EVERYTHING to do with your overall health!

So, stop being proud of being big because all you're doing is sabotaging the most valuable thing you have; your own body!

Till next blog.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

To Eat & What Not To Eat........

We all love processed food from breads to cookies to chocolate bars & even those fruit snacks they say are "healthy" for us.

Unfortunately what is not listed on the package is the side effects from these processed foods; the main one being Malnutrition.

I know, when you see the word Malnutrition you vision a little African kid with a big belly & a skinny body, that's sadly just one form of it.
Next time you see an abnormally large person you will see the other form of Malnutrition.

See the reason why most people are fat these days is because they are not getting enough nutrients in their food, which causes their body to go into "starvation mode" so then anything that is eaten is stored as fat.
What causes fat to be produced in the body?
Wheat has a protein in it called gluten which is not digestible by the human body & what most processed food is made from! Even things like hot chocolate has wheat in it; it's other name is Maltodextrin.

Here are some common things that are a direct result of Malnutrition which is caused by eating processed food:

Digestive upset such as diarrhea
Mucus in your stool
Undigested food in your stool
Tooth decay & loss
Disruption of the menstrual cycle
Migraine headaches
Hair loss
Poor circulation
Mood swings (PMS)
Behavioral issues such as Autisim, ADD, & ADHD

The list goes on unfortunately, but the big food companies don't want you to know any of that because they want you to keep eating that crap & continue to get sick so you can go to the pharmacy and get some remedy you think will make you better!

The only way you are going to get to the body weight you are supposed to be at and improve your overall health is by avoiding all processed food and eating real foods such as meat, fruits & vegetables!
One way to do this is to eat Paleo style, there are loads of Paleo recipes that you can get online & even at your local book store.
So don't fall for these stupid diet ads that say you can lose 50 lbs in 3 months, or the miracle diet pills that will have you looking like a super model in just weeks, because in reality it takes up to 1 year to reduce your body size and up to 4 years for your body to recover from the damage done to it by processed food!

Till next blog!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Drop One Size Every Month

Yes, it's true! You too can drop a clothing size every month! but not only that you can increase your mental clarity, your energy & your stamina just by doing this one thing every day!

What is it?


As mammals we need protein for our bodies to function properly, over 90% percent of the US & Canadian female population are protein starved, which results in many symptoms including malnutrition, depression, anxiety, & insomnia!

So here is. quick way to fix that and drop 7 to 10 pounds of unsightly body fat every month!

First go here: & download the free book and read it.

Next Google "protein calculator" & assess how much protein you need per day.

Lastly get your booty to a health food store and pick up a jar of VegiDay protein powder.

Make this every morning for breakfast:
1 cup fruit your choice
1 cup water
1/2 a cup coconut milk
1 banana

Throw it all in your blender and mix until smooth, then have that WITH your breakfast!

For breakfast I like to have a bowl of Glutenfreeda oatmeal along with 2 or 3 eggs.

Have a smoothie with your lunch too if you want. But the best way to make sure you're getting the right amount of protein is to divide your recommended daily intake by 3 & have it with each meal!

Till next blog!